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The Flash Training December 3, 2005

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Today was the last day of a three-part weekly graphics “workshop” I was conducting for the MMUCF. They apparently realised they would need other people to do graphics for their annual plays after I leave.We covered Flash and Photoshop. Don’t really know much about Flash beyond tweening, but that’s actually the basis of anything flashy you need to do, pun intended. I hope I didn’t go too fast in the Photoshop lessons, there was a lot I wanted to cover.

Planned to bring along my camera to take picture we could edit together the week before but clever me forgot to bring along the USB cable. Good thing I didn’t forget this week.

Ana, Ivy, Jeremy.

Hope we’ll come up with something better than last year. I think we have the potential. Computer graphics is an exciting form of art to me, more vibrant than traditional painting. Endless possibilities, and everyone has a chance to learn it. Only have a comparatively ancient 2.0m/pixel Minolta digital cam I got in 2001. I swear the camera is colourblind. But after zipping it through Photoshop everything is fine…

In other news I wonder if The Star, our self-styled “people’s paper”, needs new proofreaders:



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