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The Household Technician December 3, 2005

Posted by Tim in Personal, Science/Tech.

I was playing some badminton with Chuah, a housemate, when another housemate, CW, decided it was time for him to make full use of his Intel® 64-bit 3.0 Ghz processor. He had been downloading this torrent of Windows XP 64-bit for the past few weeks and it had finally completed. As the de facto technician I was asked to install it for him. Which I brilliantly did with my 1337 IT skills I give university no credit for.Extract multi-part RAR files – Check.
Burn the .cue file with Nero – Check.
Change BIOS boot priority – Check.
Convert C:\ partition to NTFS file system – Check.
Install Windows – wait it’s asking for the CD-key. Hey CW, what’s the CD key? What do you mean you don’t know? Didn’t it come with the file?


Bring out old 32-bit Windows CD to try its CD-key – Failed!
Search online for CD keys – Failed, and nearly got my computer infected with a virus in the process, bless you Norton.
Randomly key in letters and numbers – Failed!

Thank goodness it struck me that converting to NTFS doesn’t actually format the drive. I managed to boot up his computer with an old Windows 98 startup disk and painstakingly look through his files with the ancient MS-DOS Edit command.

And there it was! The key!

Install Windows – Check.
Reboot computer – Check.
Set up Internet – Failed!

Windows couldn’t detect his network card, updating the NIC driver didn’t work. Apparently, when CW had switched from his defunct Pentium III to his new computer he hadn’t actually bought a new network card, but used his old one.

In short, new 64-bit Pentium 4, obsolete 32-bit network card.

So do you want to buy a new network card?

No need lah…install back the old one

Oh well. Went back to badminton, promptly hitting two shuttles onto the roof and ending the session prematurely.



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