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The Talk on Pre-marital Sex December 7, 2005

Posted by Tim in Humour, Religion, Thoughts.

Yesterday the CF invited a Reverend Doctor to speak on pre-marital sex. He showed us a 57-minute film, Pamela’s Prayer (1998). It was an exciting dramatization of a girl’s triumph over pre-marital sex. The first 10-15 minutes was footage of Pamela’s loving father raised her after her mother died. Then the story began of how 16-year old Pamela wanted to date, but her father wouldn’t let her. All her friends were dating, she said, and if she never dated how would she find the right person?

So Pamela went out to a basketball game with Jerry without her father’s knowledge. After the game, he tried to kiss her. Horrified, she ran away. He later spread rumours of how he had made out with her in her own house. A few years later, he slept with her best friend and then dumped her.

Meanwhile, her father, who ran a Christiam film studio, needed someone to help him run it part-time after his father (Pamela’s grandad) died. He found a promising young man, Fred. Fred was very helpful and did his job well. He was Pamela’s age. After their graduation, he found a calling to help out in the studio full-time.

In an unexpected romantic twist, Fred fell in love with Pamela. He asked her father permission to marry her one Christmas eve. Pamela’s father said yes. He told Pamela he had saved himself and had never even kissed another woman. When they were about to kiss at their wedding the camera panned out to focus on Pamela’s father’s smiling face instead.

After this enlightening film, the Reverend Doctor lectured us about pre-maritial sex. He asked the girls “If you don’t have your virginity to give to your husband on your wedding day, what else do you have to give?” He told us that Korea has big churches because they are sexually pure. Most marriage problems, he said, stemmed from pre-marital sex.

He warned couples not to go out alone. It could lead to holding hands, which would lead to putting your arms on shoulders, then petting, then kissing, then lust-filled fornication.

The talk certainly answered all the questions we had about pre-marital sex.



1. Wilz - April 11, 2007

While I was reading, I was waiting for when the commentary would appear. Then I read the last line.

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