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The Night of Celebration February 17, 2006

Posted by Tim in Personal.

This has been a very busy week for me. Night of Celebration IV was held yesterday in the MMU Main Hall. As with every year it was packed with some people standing at the back or sitting on the floor the whole show – due in part because the play had free admission, but also because of the reputation the show has received over the years.

The consensus of the audience was that the play was good, but not on par with previous years. I expected this really – we had to shift from a Christmas theme to a “normal” play due to MMU’s shuffle of the academic timetable. The script was also a little weak. All appreciated the amount of work put into the play though.

The start of the play was hilarious: the VIP was late as usual, but Mark Choo the resident photography/video expert had things all planned. We had a Powerpoint telling the audience to clap and cheer to warm up for the show, then we replayed some trailers and adverts done by him. The audience who were unaware that we were trying to kill time probably thought we were very full of ourselves…

Every year after doing the Flash for the play I tell myself “Damn I’m good!!”.

The following year I look back at what I did the previous year and I say to myself… “My goodness I really sucked.”

Well this year all I have to say is –

Damn, I’m good!



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