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The Special Branch March 12, 2006

Posted by Tim in Malaysia.

An interesting read (originally from neXus forums) about the Malaysian Special Branch. Some excerpts:

The old Special Branch of British Malaya was so good that it could penetrate the Malayan Communist Party (MCP). One of the Chinese Special Branch officers actually became a member of the CT (Communist Terrorist — what the British called the guerrillas), climbed up the leadership ladder, and was later sent by the MCP to infiltrate the Special Branch (it is said that the number two in the MCP was also Special Branch who was killed when Chin Peng found out about it). What the MCP did not know is that the Chinese CT was actually a Special Branch officer who had infiltrated their ranks and not the other way around. Invariably, he successfully ‘infiltrated’ the Special Branch (because he was already Special Branch) and sent back ‘secrets’ he ‘stole’ from the Special Branch to the MCP. Imagine how much misinformation and disinformation he fed the MCP. Ever wonder why Chin Peng could never make a move without the Special Branch always being one step ahead of him?

Today, we have Special Branch officers serving as branch chairmen of political parties, not only in the opposition but in the ruling party as well (even some Supreme Council members are suspected of being Special Branch officers; though I can’t mention their names here). The EPF counter clerk you meet to settle your EPF matters could be a Special Branch officer. The Telecoms technician who comes to your house to repair your phone line could be a Special Branch officer. The student in the front row of your lecture could be a Special Branch officer. Your office boy could be a Special Branch officer. Your chauffer could be a Special Branch officer. The list of possibilities is endless.

Finally something to be proud of, eh?



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