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The Migration March 16, 2006

Posted by Tim in Uncategorized.

I’ve decided to move from Blogger to WordPress. Blogger was taking too long to load and had serious issues with images. I was trying to redesign my old blog but Blogger was insisting on converting my GIFs/PNGs into JPGs no matter what I did.

WordPress has better content-related functions like categories, trackbacks, and page creation. On the flipside, you can’t customize your templates at all. Although that can be a relief, since you have an excuse for not putting in that effort. I think they’ll get round to it someday.

Fortunately WordPress has an Import tool so I didn’t lose my previous posts – although the image placements are mostly screwed. I also found out that IE has serious issues with WordPress – or it could be PHP – so I migrated to Firefox as well. It managed to duplicate my old posts multiple times so I ended up with nine copies of each article in this blog (for a total of about 400+ articles since I accidentally did it twice). WordPress oddly didn’t have a batch delete function so I had to delete every single one manually!

Anyway, welcome to the new blog, enjoy reading.



1. sandra - March 17, 2006

You could have just moved to LIVEJOURNAL.

What kind of a nickname is justchal, anyway? :P

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