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Cars (review) June 14, 2006

Posted by Tim in Reviews.

Cars was great. The trend of many cartoons animated features now is to opt for a simple plot, and stuff you full of graphical wizardry and funny characters. Only Pixar’s Monsters and the Toy Storys have had particularly original plots. The romance subplot was practically forced down our throats, although if you think about it carefully, it’s the first time Pixar has had a developing romance in their films!

Comedy is of course a must, and these films are now utilizing cultural references to get the laughs out of the older audience as well. Cow tipping, annoying headlight-flashing, excessively cute Japanese characters, a Hummer with a Schwarzenegger accent, power sliding, etc – the list goes on and on and it’s fun to spot them (it took me a while to figure out the significance of car-insect “beetles” buzzing around).

The only thing bad about the movie outing was that GSC opted to ditch Pixar’s short film “One Man Band”, a staple feature in any Pixar movie, and give us 25 minutes of adverts + trailers instead!



1. yuin - June 15, 2006

An update! *shock*

But I generally agree with you on the review ;)
(Except… Wasn’t there a sort of romance going on between Flik and Princess Atta in “A Bug’s Life?” Maybe it just wasn’t as obvious as this one. Hm.)

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