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The Emancipation of Timmy March 19, 2007

Posted by Tim in Humour, Malaysia.

Rocky’s bru has a heads-up today on voter registration. According to Malaysia Today, it might be wise to register before 31st March:

“Bagaimanapun, jumlah peningkatan ini belum lagi dapat dipastikan sehingga tempoh untuk semakan semula yang akan berakhir 31 Mac ini selesai. Selepas itu, daftar baru ini akan kita pamerkan di 841 kawasan untuk bantahan dan tuntutan sebelum disahkan dan diwartakan.

“Kita jangka proses ini akan selesai dalam tempoh antara 45 hari dan dua bulan daripada tarikh 31 Mac. Jadi jika pilihan raya ke-12 diadakan selepas Jun, pengundi yang tersenarai dalam daftar baru ini layak mengundi,” katanya.

Beliau menasihatkan mereka yang ingin mengambil bahagian dalam pilihan raya akan datang agar mendaftar segera, sebaik-baiknya sebelum tempoh semakan terakhir tamat hujung bulan ini.

Basically if you’re not a registered voter, it’s best to do it ASAP. The article also states that only 1 of out every 3 eligible voters have registered – that’s 5 million voters, enough to swing any election!

So I registered today :). It’s easy. All you have to do is to bring your IC to a post office (among other places) and ask them to help you fill out the form. The clerk called it the “borang SPR”.

In my case though it didn’t go quite that smoothly. He keyed in my name as “Timothi Teoh Tze Hoong”! Argh… memories of all those primary school teachers pronouncing my name “TEE MOO TEE”. Once an Indian teacher actually wrote down “Timoti”. Maybe I should just change it to “Tim”…

Oh well. At least the clerk was nice about it when I insisted on cancelling the entry. He even phoned me and told me to come and resubmit my details.

And now I’m a registered voter. Are you?



1. Wilz - April 11, 2007

Yeah. I am registered to vote in Sarawak. T.T

This noob registered to vote the moment he was able, but no one told him that he had to change his IC number to a local address to register to vote in that area…

Now I have to change my IC just to register in a location which I can reach…

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