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DiGi’s Not So Smart Choice March 21, 2007

Posted by Tim in Personal, Uncategorized.

If you’re a subscriber to DiGi – although this should apply to other lines – you’ve probably been receiving spam daily promotional SMSes from DiGi. I can’t give examples because I immediately delete them. But they’re still highly annoying, especially when you’re expecting an important SMS.

Today it got worse though. When I was walking to class (in the rain, I might add) I actually got a call.

A female voice announced that it was a promotional message from DiGi. I was about to complain when she continued:

Press 1 for English, tekan 2 untuk Bahasa Melayu…” – damn automated calls. I hung up then but was still pretty pissed.

Pissed enough to go to DiGi’s website for the first time. Fortunately they have an opt-out solution:

If you wish to opt out from DiGi’s SMS and MMS Promotional Messages, please send either one of the keywords OUT or KELUAR to 1994.

Talk about fine print…they should have included this in every unsolicited SMS. I hope this stops the calls.


It may not have. I got a missed call while out jogging at 7:30ish pm. 2 calls in 3 hours! Same number as before: 016-0160160. Is anyone else getting these calls from DiGi?



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