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BJ Cinema Closes March 23, 2007

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Found this in today’s Sun, p21:

After a decade of bringing blockbuster movies to people staying on the south west side of the island, Cathay Cineplex in Bukit Jambul Complex will be closed from 5pm next Monday. The closure is in line with the company’s plans to consolidate all its services under one roof at Prangin Mall in George Town. The company’s upgrading work for the cineplex in Prangin Mall is scheduled to be completed in May.

Well… not unexpected (note to self: If you ever open a shopping mall, don’t put shops selling pirated CDs on the 4th floor and the cinema on the 5th). I’ll miss all those times I indignantly say “We could just watch it in BJ!! GSC/Island Plaza is so far away!” when asked to watch movies.

Mega Pavillion – sorry, Cathay Cineplex – used to give out those cards where you get one stamp for every movie ticket and after about 15 or so stamps you get a “free” movie – that is, after no one wants to watch the movie any more, they put it on the free list and you can use your card. Oddly enough, I went to the cinema regularly but can remember getting only one such freebie. The only show on the free list was Love on a Diet starring Sammi Cheng. I sat down in the cinema; there were fewer than 10 people there. I was early because I like to watch cinema advertisements. But nadda. They didn’t even dim the lights. 10 minutes after the show was supposed to have started, the usher came in and told us to choose another show instead – in my case, Jurassic Park 3. Which wasn’t on the free list. Yay.

Is the GSC juggernaut destined to overwhelm all the other players with their caramel popcorn? At least they opened one practically opposite my house…



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