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Ijiot Najib April 23, 2007

Posted by Tim in Humour, Malaysia.

From last Wednesday’s Sun on whether spending government (i.e. the public’s) resources on huge allocations to places where by-elections are being held is illegal (emphasis added):

Morally, it is wrong but technically, it is not,” Malaysians for Free and Fair Elections (Mafrel) chairman Abdul Malek Hussin said in an interview today.

“This reflects a serious discrepancy in Malaysian election law because it does not clearly prohibit public resources from being utilised for campaigning,” he said, comparing this to other democracies, including India, where the law provides for government officials to be prosecuted.

Voters in Machap benefited from development projects and promises because of its recently concluded by-election.

The Selangor government announced today a RM36 million development allocation for Ijok where a by-election will be held on April 28.

Now, from today’s Sun (“Najib announces RM3.5m for mosques, suraus, schools in Kg Jaya Setia”):

The Barisan National (BN) is leaving nothing to chance in Kampung Jaya Setia within the Ijok constituency.

Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced a special RM3.5 million allocation from the Prime Minister’s Department for seven mosques, 16 suraus and six schools for the constituency.

“Although there has not been any request for these but we feel that we need to do this as a sign of the BN’s commitment,” he said during a ceramah in Kampung Jaya Setia.

Even though the BN won the Ijok state seat in the 2004 elections, the party lost in Kampung Jaya Setia to Parti Keadilan Rakyat by 50 votes.

But in the Star (“DPM: Fighting corruption a national mission”):

KUALA LUMPUR: Fighting corruption remains a national mission and the Government is all out to eradicate graft.

“Some people might be quick to say that the Government is not serious in fighting corruption or that the Prime Minister is the only person speaking on this subject,” said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Well no shit genius, it’s not that the Prime Minister is the only person speaking on this subject, it’s that all you people are only speaking about the subject!

[Edit] LKS picked up on this too. You know what they say about great minds…



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