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Tag May 12, 2007

Posted by Tim in Personal.

Marv, the only guy I can remember who was a classmate for all five high-school years in PFS, tagged me…

Six weird things (why six?):

  1. I stutter when I’m uncomfortable, or when I’m speaking (or trying to speak) in Mandarin or Hokkien.
  2. Ever since becoming more health conscious I sometimes don’t finish my food. Mostly happens with french fries, soda, oily gravy, and of course white rice.
  3. Like Donald Duck, I occasionally get myself too engrossed in something. Very good when it’s an assignment, bad when it’s an assignment and I have other assignments; VERY bad when it’s something like say, DotA…
  4. I shake my legs all the time (the trishawman shake)
  5. When I was young I developed the habit of reading at the dinner table and in the toilet – and I still do! (Yea think twice before borrowing a book from me)
  6. Coffee (and caffeine) seems to have no effect on me. I can drink a cuppa right before sleeping and it has no effect.

The rules:

  1. Direct link to the guy who tagged you
    Adventures of Ah Pin (“Horsing” around in Australia)
  2. List down the top 5 places to eat at your location. (Since I don’t have any transport, this mostly equates to what’s within walking distance of my house here).
      Duck rice @ Jia Jia. The skin is sinfully juicy and they give you big helpings. Comes with soup and chili that are just as delicious.
      Heritage Family Restaurant. The only (affordable) place around here with air-con, and certain dishes (Western Roasted Chicken, Chicken Chop) give you lots for a reasonable $.
      Nameless burger stall. Opens opposite Petronas (used to be opposite 7/11) starting about 8pm. What makes it nice is they slooowly grill it over a charcoal fire so you get the smokey taste afterwards. Takes ages and ages to get your order ready though.
      Cendol @ Jonker Walk – Don’t often get to go there, it’s all the way in town and I don’t usually eat sweet stuff, but the gula melaka makes all the difference.
      Can’t think of any place worthy of the fifth spot…too bad ya.

Sorry but this tag will have to stop here… everyone taggable has already been tagged recently so I don’t wanna impose. Only one I can think of is Khor Chin Hau, but he’s having his finals soon and hasn’t replied my last MSN message. If you want to know some weird stuff about him though, the ang mohs in UK call him “Chin”, and his mother is a hairstylist but his own hair is pretty generic…



1. Chin - May 12, 2007

i shall play your little game of tag but wait until i finish my exam…

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