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Mummy-Day May 13, 2007

Posted by Tim in Personal.

I was thinking that if one wrote a long post thanking Mum for everything, then what would one do the year after? Thank her for everything + 1?

So this year’s post will be to thank Mummy for going all-out to teach me English:

  • Thank you for reading me flash cards when I was a toddler,
  • Thank you for starting me on Peter and Jane,
  • Thank you for moving me to Enid Blyton and buying so many (by many, I mean many) of those books for me,
  • Thank you for bringing back the newspaper from the office every day for me to read,
  • Thank you for “graduating” me to Reader’s Digest,
  • Thank you for agreeing to buy a Zip drive for me when I was the editor of the church’s youth magazine (what an investment that was),
  • Thank you for helping me with canvassing when I was in the school editorial board (well ok, not “help”, you did it all),
  • Thank you for subscribing me to TIME,
  • Thank you for everything!

Happy Mothers’ Day!!



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