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So Hard to Say Sorry… May 16, 2007

Posted by Tim in Humour, Malaysia.

The StarMPs apologize for sexist remarks:

[Bung Mokthar]: “I said it in the heat of an argument with DAP members, who were calling me binatang (animal) and accusing the Barisan Nasional of corruption.

Unfortunately for the “YB”, the videos of the incident have been uploaded on Youtube and viewed by 30,000 people. If you watch it, they make the bocor remarks at about 4:00 – they are definitely not being provoked, in fact the issue about the leaking Parliament roof is not even directed at them.

Only later at 5:00 does the Jasin MP say “Sejak dia kalah dekat Ijok, Datuk, dia dah gila mayam sekarang nih“. Then LKS states that it was BN that lost because of the $ they spent there (I don’t agree, it was taxpayer money). There is no binatang remark anywhere in the video.

Even if they had been called binatang and accused of corruption, their statements wouldn’t be justified. But there was no provocation!

So hard to say sorry; compounding sexism with lies.

See the entry at LKS’s blog for more info.



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