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Lelong, lelong – Email addresses for sale! May 20, 2007

Posted by Tim in Malaysia, Science/Tech.

You may know I hate spam. The practice of selling emails is very common, and while definitely unethical, the number of verdicts actually being passed are few and far between – what more in Malaysia!

Which is why this auction from Lelong.com is disgusting:

Here are few smart reasons to purchase the Email Marketing CD from us today:

  1. Our database is of over 50,000 Malaysian emails and growing daily!!!
  2. You can run your own email marketing campaign – as frequent as you can – change your email content for different products / services – just relax, the software will send email automatically when setting is done – manual included in this CD
  3. Our email list – 50, 000 active email list, user check their email daily – Malaysian email (email from all over Malaysia) – targetted group: Managing Director, General Manager, CEO, Executive…
  4. Our bulk mail sender software – delivers emails at 50 times faster than the conventional SMTP server – filters out duplicate & invalid email – generates a report of successful delivery & undelivered mail – supports HTML format email
  5. Pricing – RM399 per CD – you are allowed to resell to gain back your RM399 – we will never know if 2 or 3 or even 10 person sharing to buy this RM399 CD for 10 person use
  6. SPECIAL BONUS: Additional 10, 000 email is giving away for FREE!!! for the order made within 7 days from today!


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