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May Reviews (2007) June 11, 2007

Posted by Tim in Reviews.

Wow can’t believe I forgot to post this! And that no one reminded me!

Spiderman 3

I wonder if Kirsten Dunst is tired of spending the latter part of Spiderman movies screaming and screaming. At least she didn’t have to get wet this time round (good for her, I mean).

But I have to admit the action was mind-blowing; all the fight scenes looked good. And the overall story was passable. Didn’t think that much of the “archvillian with heart” stuff, but thought the whole overconfident Peter plot was done well (how many times have you said “Yes, I understand” when you really don’t?). Didn’t find Peter making a fool of himself all that funny.

The Peter-Harry teamup was cool enough, but though you could see Harry’s death coming a mile away it was still cheeesy. Especially with the sunset.

Pirates of the Carribean 3

Couldn’t wait to get out of the cinema while watching this one. Convulted, insanely long plot. And what are all the gazillion white crabs supposed to signify? Didn’t get it at all.

The evolution of Pirates 3 is pretty similar to Dragonball if you think about it. First you have a nice simple story about people going off to find lost dragon balls medallions. Simple plot, manageable cast.

Then you revisit the story and go off again finding lost uncles fathers with more action, more plot.

But people want more! So you kill off a hero, go off to faraway planets the other side, make some of the bad guys the good guys, and stuff it with even more action and characters.

And what was with the whole arc with Calypso? I didn’t see any point in it. And Elizabeth’s “freedom” speech had me gagging. I hope we won’t be seeing more calls for “freedom” in Transformers too.

Lost Season 3 Finale

Lost had me worried this season. Some cast members were even commenting on the lack of screen time they were getting. And while love triangles are always fun for the fans, it was getting way too draggy.

But the finale (and the episodes leading up to it) just blew my mind. The writers did a perfect job of weaving together the myriad subplots. My heart was literally thumping hard every second; one of the (increasingly rare) times when you have a total suspension of disbelief and you absolutely have no idea what’s going to happen next. In fact, it was so good, I’m not going to spoil it for you!

Watching the Lost finale before the House, MD season finale was a bad bad idea. It made House seem dull by comparison (which is saying a lot, since I love House). And House‘s “twist” at the end had nothing on the one Lost had…



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