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Beware Gamecopyworld June 25, 2007

Posted by Tim in Science/Tech, Trends.

One of my resolutions as a new wage-earner :) is not to buy pirated software, or at least as sparingly as possible.

The foremost reason is to support game companies, especially the small ones which need the money. Felt guilty about the fate of Troika and Interplay especially.

Another reason is that there’s strong reason to believe that all the fake DVDs you buy and install don’t come with unrequested “extras”. It’s like eating food without knowing where it came from. I doubt the syndicates producing the DVDs are using the profits for charity either. I’m not saying that software prices aren’t expensive; they ARE. Imagine the cost of a movie ticket in Malaysia being converted directly – would you pay 3.4 * 8 = RM27 to watch a movie? I don’t think so. So it’s no surprise when people say “no f***ing way!” when they see a game costing RM150-RM200 – but at least if you wanna pirate something, download it; don’t buy it.

Here’s an article from CodingHorror.com listing the stuff GameCopyWorld.com (how many of you have been to this site, hmm?) tries to do to your PC the minute you surf there.

Webroot SpySweeper detected the following spies after allowing the installer to run over night.
Trojan Downloader Matcash
Web Buying
Core Adware (CoreAdware is known to use Rootkits {core.sys} to mask its presence.)



1. virtumonde removal Insturctions - February 23, 2008

so many of the torrent, warrez and p2p sites are like this. They are filled with viruses, spyware and bots. If your going to pirate at least do it smart and go out an PURCHASE real virus and spyware protection not to mention a good firewall. No the free ones are not as good. That’s why they have the sang you get what you pay for.

2. Zlob Removal - May 10, 2008

Just stay away from warrez sites all together. I did a quick test to see how fast I could get a computer infected by only visiting warrez sites. Took less then a minute to get the Zlob downloader and Virtumonde and SMitfraud followed 30 seconds after that.

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