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Rowling’s Magic August 3, 2007

Posted by Tim in Literary, Personal.

Magic, pure magic – that’s how I’d describe Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Anyone who has read any of the books will already know that Rowling is a storytelling genius: the world of Harry Potter ranks right up there with Middle-Earth or Narnia – perhaps higher, given how easily you can relate to her world and appreciate her parodies on society and politics ([edit] I’ll say it again – the Ministry of Magic is sooo like our Govt, have you read about how they’re trying to paint Anwar as a lapdog of the US and the Jews?) without squinting for religious analogy or keeping track of odd names. Granted, her writing isn’t impressive in a literary sense (I believe someone commented that Rowling “never met an adverb she didn’t like”) – then again, I cringed at Tolkien’s attempts at songs too. She also takes pains to flesh out her characters, even the minor ones, and lets them grow with every book. And of course, I’m also a personal fan because of her rags-to-riches story writing the Great British Novel(s).

The last book was like the finishing of an intricate spiderweb. (Seemingly) small details from the previous books came together, nearly everyone has their moment in the sun, and the pace was breathtaking. The final chapters especially were glorious. The only problems I really had were the last two deaths, which didn’t seem to contribute to the story much by that point; and the epilogue, which was horrendous. She’s going to produce a final booklet for charity though, and if you want a better epilogue check out the transcript of a 90-minute chat between Rowling and MuggleNet.

Will end with a quick note about the Deathly Hallows price war: A letter in the newspaper observed that the major bookstores are getting a taste of their own medicine – many small retailers haven’t bothered stocking Harry Potter even before this, because they could not match the prices of the major chains. That said, it was a little… weird to see Deathly Hallows being promoted in a Carrefour newspaper ad – next to a promotion for potatoes. I preordered my copy from Borders, so it didn’t set me back much anyway – RM88 total, with 20% off the next two books.



1. sandra - August 3, 2007

It’s not a chat between rowling and mugglenet

2. zhiyuan - September 5, 2007

Knowing you, I’m surprised you gave such a high rating for the book. I felt she tried to squeezed in too much in this one where it could have been easily split into a few instalments. Also, it’s debatable, but I think Voldemort looked a bit stupid in this book that eventually led to his death.

I just had the feeling Rowling can do much better in finishing the series.

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