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T’gganu BN Youth – Umrah holiday reward for finding a flag-burner September 16, 2007

Posted by Tim in Malaysia, News.

Today’s Star carried the following piece:

The Terengganu MCA Youth wing is offering RM3,000, on top of the RM5,000 put up by the state Umno Youth, as reward for information leading to the arrest of the person who burned the national flag during Saturday’s riot at Batu Burok.

The state Gerakan and MIC have also pledged contributions to the reward money.
Earlier, the state Umno Youth offered the cash and a trip to perform the Umrah as reward for information leading to the arrest of the culprit.

This is a just dirty way of showing “patriotism” – with a nauseating mix of religiousity to match. Flag-burning is a victimless crime. Firing live bullets at civillians is not.

For all those who have only been reading the MSM (mainstream media), then take some time to find out what really happened in Terengganu.

It was NOT a riot organized by the opposition. It was a rally organized by the NGO Bersih to discuss electoral reform, that turned ugly when the police refused – with no good reason – to provide a permit at the last minute.

The people there did not just single out the police officer to beat him up. He was an undercover (Special Branch) cop who was there busy firing up the crowd. When he was recognized as an SB officer, the crowd went for him. He fled, firing shots behind him at the crowd [link (Mkini)].

You may ask “Why the f*** does the SB pretend to be part of a gathering and provoke them against the police? It’s because it gives the MSM chances to paint the gathering as rioters, preferably tieing them to opposition parties in the process. The truth is that most of the time it is not the opposition that acts like rioters – many of them are urban, highly-educated people. A letter written to Malaysiakini (Provocation: Part of police work) was particularly revealing:

In most of these demonstrations, it was never difficult for someone like me, standing a bit further away from the main crowd, to see those clever Special Branch (SB) officers at work.

At Sogo, they were the ones that made the most noise shouting ‘reformasi’ and, when the FRU moved in, they turned around and arrested the activists standing next to them. They were at Kesas highway when Anwar wife’s Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and Lim Kit Siang were present. I vividly recall one of them hurriedly running away from a group of people when someone there recognised him as a SB officer. But when the tear gas trucks came, they moved in to make their arrests.

I saw them burn tires at some road junctions near Lebuh Ampang. Although I can never prove they were SB people, it was strange to see one person bring one tire to a junction, set it on fire and then coolly move away from the area.

It certainly looked like the tire was burnt for no other reason but to create a nice photo opportunity so that it could appear on the front page of the papers the next day. After all, Malaysians had to be convinced that the reformasi movement was a ‘violent’ one and bent on ‘overthrowing’ the government through force.



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