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Pak Lah: Find the whistleblower September 22, 2007

Posted by Tim in Malaysia, News.
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I have to admit that sometimes – especially at the beginning of Pak Lah’s tenure – I was in the camp of those who were thinking “Oh Pak Lah’s actually a nice guy; he just doesn’t have the willpower/clout to carry out his cleanup”. But as time goes on it’s petty obvious we were all hoodwinked.

In the current judiciary scandal, I was expecting him to start as usual with “setting up a panel to investigate”. But instead I open The Star today and see this:

Abdullah said that based on the content of the video clip and transcript that was sent to his office, only a single person’s conversation could be heard despite claims that the lawyer was talking to a senior judge.

“Can we believe or accept this?” he said.

He added that if investigations revealed that the claims were false, action would be taken against those who were trying to undermine the judiciary.

The prime minister said the video recording would invoke public anger and hatred towards the judiciary.

He said at this juncture, the question of setting up a Commission of Inquiry did not arise as the allegations in the video clip had yet to be proven as authentic.

I mean seriously, we’re talking about a scandal up there in the ranks of US’ Watergate, and the mainstream papers are relegating the news to page 15-20 with no names and no pictures, and treating it as though the corrupt are the victims. He wants the allegations to be proved before setting up a commission. Seriously.



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