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Visit Angkasa 2007 October 10, 2007

Posted by Tim in Malaysia, News, Thoughts.

I don’t think I’m alone when I say I’m not at all proud of our looming foray into angkasa. Would we be as proud of Datuk Azhar had he “sailed around the world” in a Russian cruise ship?

The papers have dramatized the selection of the first angkasawan as well as “rebutting” claims that they are space tourists. A writer from the Star even went so far as to claim that we would be adding to the celebrations of Man’s first trip into space 50 years back, along with other inanities:

The adventures of our Angkasawan will not only add to the celebrations of the country’s 50 years of nationhood but also man’s golden anniversary in space.

Many jokes have been made about the Angkasawan bringing Malaysian food to space but that simple act will enable local scientists to determine how well our local food travel in a vacuum.

No other country is going to carry out such a task for you and this research can enable exporters of our foodstuff to come out with different packing.

Ever wondered why satay in London does not taste as good as that in Kajang. Our Angkasawan may bring back the answer and further research may ensure that the taste stays the same in the future.

But I thought vacuum packaging had been discovered decades ago!

The simple fact is that we are space tourists. This has been known since last year. The decision of which tourist to send up was already known then (they chose the model). Wikipedia has already added an entry for us in their list of space tourists!

So no, tomorrow I won’t be cheering as we send a tourist into space.



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