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51% – and press freedom? March 9, 2008

Posted by Tim in GE12, Malaysia, News.

The Sun has the figures I’ve been hunting for.
Popular Vote Breakdown - 51% BN
Yes, BN won 137 parliament seats to the Opposition’s 82 due to gerrymandering, especially in Sabah and Sarawak (To put it into perspective, you can fit 6 Putrajayas into Teresa Kok’s whopping 36,000 majority in Seputeh). But they only got 51% of the popular vote.

Summary rejection, in other words.

Polytikus also has some extremely good news:

The mainstream press coverage was extremely poor. Defending its political masters to the end but there is no worry. I was told by Chin Huat that Malaysiakini can circumvent the Printing Presses and Publications Act of 1984 and go to print because a state can grant publishing permits. I think we have five states willing to lend us a hand :)

Everyone knows that bloggers and online news sites, especially Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today played a HUGE role in these elections – a reverberating cry throughout the world of how the Internet can overcome a shackled media. MSM (yes you Joceline Tan!), take note – you need to change too, or your days are numbered.



1. Rodster - March 9, 2008

The internet has been a deciding factor. Technology has provided the avenue – but it is the participants who need to take a huge bow. Bravo! Online news sites and bloggers! Your contribution has been immense and you have played a defining role in building democracy in Malaysia. It is heartening to see that Malaysia has so many bright, innovative, and brave sons and daughters, inspite of years of oppression, and being forced to reside within a system that rewards sycophacy and mediocrity. Although there is still much ground to cover, and a long road ahead, I think we can afford to look forward in hope. I think we can also afford to be proud of this acheivement against the odds. In the meantime, this is a moment to savour.

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