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We did it. March 9, 2008

Posted by Tim in GE12, Malaysia, News.

This is the first time in a long, long while that I have been truly proud of Malaysia.

We showed the mainstream media that we don’t care for propaganda.
We showed MIC, MCA, and Gerakan that we don’t believe in racism.
We showed what we thought of the “threats” of cutting off development – what is BN going to do now, ignore Penang, Perak, Kedah, Kelantan and Selangor and focus on Sabah and Sarawak? :).
We showed the government that you cannot write off our protests as “illegal”, our concerns as “emotional”.
We showed the corrupt that we will no longer tolerate their actions.
We showed that different parties can come together and rally support based on ISSUES, not on racism; without abusing government machinery or spending the people’s money or taking full page ads in the paper.

I think Pak Lah, the EC, and the IGP do deserve some credit though. For being (relatively) gracious in defeat instead finding an excuse to declare martial law.

Kudos to Malaysiakini as well for getting the news out blindingly fast, while TV, radio, and MSM websites were busying wondering “How the fuck do we spin this???”

Thanks goes out to Samy Velu too! Couldn’t have done it without you dude.

Do you realize that this is a historial moment? This day will forever be etched in the annals of Malaysia. We are NO MORE under the spectre of May 13, 1969. We have held a (fairly) clean elections and returned a strong opposition without bloodshed. From today, the government can NO LONGER rape the constitution or slice and dice the constituencies as they please. The government WILL have to rethink its arrogant policies – without Sarawak and Sabah, they would be barely holding on to even a simple majority!

I will be so glad to tell my children that I was here when it happened.

I volunteered at Padang Tembak school where the polling for DUN Kebun Bunga ( Jason Ong PKR ) and Parliament Bukit Bendera ( Liew Chin Tong DAP ) was being held. I was supposed to both come in the morning and back in the afternoon for the counting but there was a miscommunication and there wasn’t a slot for me to help count :(. We were able to look at the counting process on the ground floor where they held polling for the elderly though – most of them were 70-80 years old. For that station, DAP creamed BN 126-66; PKR had a 101-83 advantage. We looked at each other and thought aloud “If even the elderly can vote for DAP and PKR, what more the younger people!” And true enough as the results started trickling in, it was good news – DAP in particular was thrashing BN 3xx-1xx in most streams! Word started to spread about the performance in other stations and constituencies as well: “Karpal WON!”… “OH MY GOD Koh Tsu Koon LOST!!”…”Teng Kock Nan lost, no need to worry about the next CM any more!”… and finally “Penang has fallen to the Opposition”.

Celebrations were relatively muted though. Clapping mostly. (Soon to be YB ) Jason Ong looked dead serious – a little shocked even – as he told us not to celebrate. “Don’t go beyond clapping. Don’t give them an excuse to declare martial law”.

Crazy thing was when I finally got back home Internet was down :(. TV was updating soo slowly and Quaintly was teling me how Malaysiakini was breaking the news as only they know how. So it was off to Starbucks for me :). Came back at 1am and yay Internet was back up, so watched TV while surfing for updates (i.e. rabidly refreshing Malaysiakini). Found out that my uncle Michael Teo who was standing in Sibutu lost though. He said he’d being expecting it anyway and just in it “to fight the fight”. We’re proud of him anyway :).

At 3+ a.m. the news finally arrived. We did it. We denied Barisan two-thirds, after decades of lies, corruption, and division. We showed them. We showed the world. We showed ourselves what “people power” means.

This is probably the most memorable day of my life. PKR got it right when they chose their slogan:

It’s a new Dawn for Malaysia.



1. Dawg - March 9, 2008

kudos!! teng hock nan losing was my personal fav…and sami!!!lmao

BN: o f***, we gettin pwned!!wtf h4x!!!111

DAP: w00t

Sami: bai bai….

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