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It’s not a wasted vote. March 7, 2008

Posted by Tim in GE12, Malaysia.

No, the opposition won’t suddenly become the Government tomorrow. Even denying them 2/3rds is an uphill task. But your vote is not wasted.

An independent paper would have given mention to the gigantic rally in Penang. But the Star chose to frontpage a threat from Abdullah Badawi instead:

“You have to decide if you want a louder voice in Parliament or representation in the Cabinet where they can be more effective in representing all communities,” the Barisan Nasional chairman said.

He said if the Chinese did not have representation in the Cabinet, their requests would not be heard.

This after he had promised to be a “Prime Minister for all Malaysians”, too!

We may or may not get a 2/3rds majority – which is important to prevent the government from rewriting the constitution at their whim and fancy.

But what is definitely within our grasp here and now is to show that MIC, MCA, and Gerakan are no longer relevant and we no longer tolerate or want to divide ourselves along racial lines.

Even UMNO cannot govern alone. It will have to rethink its racial policies. I don’t think it’s impossible to realize Onn Ja’afar’s dream of changing the M in UMNO to read Malaysian, not Malay.

For far too long have we allowed the government to rule is “top down”, treating themselves like royalty only to descend to threaten and brainwash us into votes every 5 years. I believe that this year things can change. Every vote counts!



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