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My Cowell Moment May 28, 2007

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Nothing quite like the sweet smell of being right, is there?

I have to admit that I was half-rooting for Blake towards the end – rooting for the underdog and all that sort of thing. What’s absurd is the winning entry for the songwriter’s contest – This is My Now? Well whatever the criteria for the contest were, grammar wasn’t one of them. And to be fair, shouldn’t there have been a fourth song that required Jordin to beatbox? Oh well.

Is it just me or are we having an Entertainment 2.0 revolution, just like the Web? Idol was a brilliant next step after “reality” shows like Survivor, Apprentice, etc. It’s proof of the saying “if every person in China gave you one cent, you’d be a millionaire many times over”. No one loses – you spend a few dollars on SMS and you get your entertainment fix. Ford gives Jordin and Blake two Mustangs and in return it gets 15 seconds of product placement. And while the initial selection process for the Hollywood round is a little dubious, every Idol winner is essentially a rags-to-riches story.

People who hate the concept of Idol are just jealous they didn’t think of it.


Random Idolatry March 22, 2007

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Jordin Sparks will win. She’s the most versatile and has the most appeal. If only she could stop being so sickly sweet and giggly off-mike. And she shouldn’t have redone her hair – argh. Every Jane, Jean and Gina has straightened hair.

Jordin Sparks

Melinda and Lakisha are both excellent. But this is not a singing competition, it’s an idol contest – how do you think Daniel won Malaysian Idol? Melinda is going to suffer split votes with Lakisha (previously with Stephanie as well), both of them are too similar.

All the guys suck, except Phil maybe, sometimes Chris Sligh. Blake has the appeal but is highly overrated. Sanjaya is a big joke. The weepy little girl that got zoomed in on all night is the perfect sample of his fan base.

The remaining females are good. Haley sings better and better each week: wears less and less (yay!).


Simon’s right when he says he’s more valuable than Bruce Springsteen. He’s the only reason for sitting through the whole show, rather than skipping through the singers you don’t like. Only Melinda’s been spared his biting tongue so far. I wish they would put Hugh Laurie in-character as a guest judge though!

It’s been said before but Idol is probably the most¬†popular, lucrative TV show ever. Wonder what took people so long to think of it.

[edit] Forgot to add the link to VoteForTheWorst.com, for those who are flabberghasted by Sanjaya’s miraculous longevity.