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Still Feelin the Happy – Guan Eng sworn in March 12, 2008

Posted by Tim in GE12, Malaysia.

Sighh… it’s just like a fairytale. Lim Guan Eng has been sworn is as Penang’s Chief Minister.

For those who don’t know, Lim Guan Eng was imprisoned ten years ago in a politically motivated trial. He had printed a booklet accusing the then Malacca MB Rahim Thamby Chik of raping an underaged girl. In a gross miscarriage of justice, Rahim wasn’t even prosecuted while Lim Guan Eng was sentenced to 18 months in prison!

It’s good to know that ten years later, justice prevails.

Among his first acts are to look into reestablishing local council elections, implement open tenders, and waive all summonses involving parking and hawker licenses ( I wonder if the last bit has to do with the police handing out summons en masse at the now-famous Han Chiang gathering ).

It is expected that he will repeal the PGCC project. Malaysiakini also quoted a sarcastic retort from Lim regarding early attempts to “bodek“…

Interestingly, the first bouquet sent to Lim’s office today to congratulate the DAP’s “historical win” was from the controversial RM25 billion Penang Global City Centre developer, Abad Naluri.

“So fast?” a surprised Lim said when told by a journalist on this. The new CM added that previously it had been very difficult for him to meet with the developer.

I guess some people still have trouble getting used to how things are going to be run now! :)



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