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I’m Timothy Teoh , 23/m from Penang, Malaysia. Don’t feel like making up a smart description; I think you’d be able to find out anything you’d like to know just by reading the blog. My beliefs? They’re in there. My interests? Whatever I blog about. My favourite colour? No prizes for guessing.

I can be contacted at my Gmail account, username chalcedonyt.

The Title

think it out* – that’s a self-explanatory title for the most part. The symbol at the end though has a dual meaning: An asterisk is often used to express doubt, or to correct oneself. It can also be a simple representation of a pansy, a traditional symbol of freethought,¬†derived from the French word pensee, which means “to think”.



1. sandra - May 6, 2007

*throws tomatoes at face*

2. susan loone - May 8, 2007

tim, glad to know you.happy blogging :-)

3. satkuru - June 24, 2007

harlow :)

4. DiRaan - January 24, 2010

Good to know theres another person who actually reads up stuff n make logical posts.
Rationalism is hard to come by in Malaysia i think :D
keep it up

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